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On this day, we did a bit of GAP, in spanish Gluteo, Abdominal y Pierna. This day we follow the TABATA metodology, in which we work 20 seconds and we rest 10. Doing this we increase the intensity of work and its efectivity without being agresive with our body.


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In this day, everyone was surprised when we saw that we were going to do zumba. We started a bit shy, it was difficult to follow the song and the dance, but, after some songs, everyone started to get a bit crazy and dance a lot. It was a funny and a tired experience, I really enjoyed it.


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On the second and the third day, we started doing sport, and we started hard with crossfit work, which consisted in abdominal work, arm work and some leg work, like running or going upstairs and downstairs in a bench. We did something like the pictures.


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In our first day of daily training, with our teacher/trainer, Jorge Barredo, we distribute our roles for our teams. Each of us was a character of the serie Blindsport. Those characters has different jobs: control the group, distribute the work...